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With a desire to replicate the taste of home, King of Falafel & Shawarma was born. On April 18, 2002, on the corner of Broadway and 30th St in Astoria, we made our home. With support and love from the community, we were able to serve our authentic street food to not only Astorians, but people all over the world. In 2010, we expanded our location to include the NW corner of 53rd St and Park in Midtown Manhattan.

Voted as the #1 street vendor in New York City is no small feat. Everything we make is from scratch, using the best ingredients and flavor combinations. Not far from our food truck on 31st St and Broadway is our first permanent home. We look forward to sharing foods we have grown up with and new interpretations of Palestinian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Love this place! Food is great. Chicken platter with spicy sauce and white sauce is great. Can't beat the price and the amount of food you get.

Josiv Krstinovski


Was just passing by, looking for a place to eat, and Halal food will always hit the spot for me, and this place hit it and then some. I would say in terms of offerings and quality, it is midway between places like Juicy Platters and the hardcore ethnic restaurants in Paterson. They offer a nice variety and fresh, tasty food. Immediately upon entering, I was warmly greeted and offered a fresh piece of falafel while ordering. Yes, please! For a delicious, healthier option for a quick meal, I definitely recommend. Will be back.

 John Ohanian

Amazing customer service and decor of this place. I stumbled onto it on my way to Wawa for a sandwich and I’m glad I did. As soon as enter the girl gave me a falafel ball to try and I was hooked. I had to get something with falafel so I got the chicken . So freakin good! My only disappointment is that I live too far to come back here on the regular. Definitely recommend. Great service, food and prices

 Ronak Patel